1. Does your website support PHP/MySQL?
The first thing you will have to do before you start using the CMS tools is check whether
your web account supports PHP. Without PHP/MySQL support you cannot use these

2. Create a MySQL database on the server.
The content of the online pages needs to be store in a database. So you will either have
to create a new database or use an existing one. If you don't know how to create a
database then please consult the documentation of your host.

After you have created a new database, use you must enter the database information in
both the CMS Admin and CMS View objects.

Server - Specifies the MySQL database server.
Database - Specifies the MySQL database name.
UserName - Specifies the MySQL username.
Password - Specifies the MySQL password.

Optional you can change the table prefix, the default value is CMS_.
The required tables will automatically be generated when you run the admin tool the first time.
You can also create the tables manually. The SQL statements for this are the help.

3. Publish this website project to a folder on your website.
Now you can start creating new pages. Click 'Administrator'.

4. To view the content click 'Content'
Getting Started

Getting Started